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Ordering Guide

Click on Email an order


While the email form opens up, select the item you want with your mouse from the menu to the left.


Press 'Ctrl C' to quick copy.


Click in your email window. Press 'Ctrl V' to paste.


Write '...x2' for two of the item.


Send the email.


We will contact you shortly.


If you are not sure or would like to order a lot of things, please Call Us



Inventory Summary

The major areas or permanently stocked inventory are just the beginning of a list of hundreds of special and general purpose products.


Click on a link under 'Catalogue' to go to a detailed list. Select the products you would like and call us or use the directions to email an order.


If its your first time ordering and you are not sure which are the best things for the job, contact us and one of our consultants will help you to find the best products or combinations of products to suit your needs.


To place an order via email, select the item numbers of products you require from the full Catalogue and copy them into an email with your contacts and we will reply as soon as possible to give you an expected delivery time.